Five Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Securing Your Commercial Facilities

8 December 2017
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A security breach at your facility could cost you a great deal of money and even put you out of business. It's important that you give security enough consideration so that you protect your company and all the effort and investments you have put into it. The following are five mistakes you need to avoid when securing your commercial facilities to prevent security breaches: Overlooking security features in preference of aesthetic considerations Read More 

Commercial Controlled Entry Options

7 November 2017
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Controlling access to your business is a reality for many companies. Whether you simply want to make sure only employees enter the office or warehousing section of your business, or if you need to keep the public entirely off the grounds, there are a variety of access control systems to consider. The following can help you pick the right one. Option #1: Remote access Remote or wireless access is usually reserved for entering through gated entrances, such as into a parking lot. Read More 

Is Your Business Running With An Old Security System? What To Know

9 October 2017
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If you have purchased a commercial property with an existing security system and you have been using it for some time, it's time to talk with a commercial locksmith about updating the security. You don't want to be a target for problems because your system is outdated, or because other people know what system you use. A locksmith is a security expert, and you want to seek out a system that includes some of these high-tech and reliable security features: Read More 

Protect Your Law Office From Robberies And Vandalism

3 September 2017
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If your law office is located in a busy part of town that often incurs robberies and acts of vandalism, protecting the premises during and after work hours will reduce the chances of being a victim of crime. This may minimize your anxiety, allowing you to focus on your work duties without constantly looking over your shoulder. Install A Retractable Gate In Front Of The Door A retractable metal gate that is installed in front of the door leading to your business will provide an additional layer of protection that may deter individuals from attempting to break into your office. Read More 

How To Get A Stuck Key Out Of The Ignition

23 August 2017
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Have you ever been in the strange position of not being able to get your car key out of the ignition once you have turned your car off? This can actually happen quite often and can be very unnerving. Fortunately, there are some things you can try before you call a locksmith. The following are some things you will want to know in case you are ever in this position: Read More