Protect Your Law Office From Robberies And Vandalism

3 September 2017
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If your law office is located in a busy part of town that often incurs robberies and acts of vandalism, protecting the premises during and after work hours will reduce the chances of being a victim of crime. This may minimize your anxiety, allowing you to focus on your work duties without constantly looking over your shoulder.

Install A Retractable Gate In Front Of The Door

A retractable metal gate that is installed in front of the door leading to your business will provide an additional layer of protection that may deter individuals from attempting to break into your office. Once a gate is installed, pull it shut after securing the door behind it.

If you would like to allow your employees to access the premises during times that you won't be present, purchase copies of the key that is needed to open the gate and secure the keys to lanyards before handing them out to you your employees. Employees can wear the lanyards around their neck to reduce the risk of losing one of the keys. 

Purchase A Motion Detector And Hire Security Guards 

Visit a commercial locksmith to acquire information about motion detectors. Many motion detectors are small and can be installed inside or outside of your office. If you choose to have one installed near the main door to your business, a detector will emit an alarm if anyone enters the premises after hours. You can choose a detector that can be programmed to send alerts to your phone or another mobile device, allowing you to keep tabs on what is occurring at your law office when you are not present.

If you often close your law office for weekends and extended holidays, hire a couple security guards to further protect your property and business. Security guards can patrol the property on foot or while driving a vehicle. They can also assist with monitoring the motion detector, gates, and door to your business. 

Consider The Use Of A Metal Detector And Storage Area

If you regularly have a lot of people stopping by your law office, installing a metal detector near the door will prevent people from bringing dangerous items, such as weapons, into your office. After people walk through a metal detector, they can be directed to a storage area to hang their coats, purses, and bags. After visiting with you in your office, people can retrieve their possessions before heading home.

Contact a company like DuPage Security Solutions, Inc. for more information and assistance.