Commercial Controlled Entry Options

7 November 2017
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Controlling access to your business is a reality for many companies. Whether you simply want to make sure only employees enter the office or warehousing section of your business, or if you need to keep the public entirely off the grounds, there are a variety of access control systems to consider. The following can help you pick the right one.

Option #1: Remote access

Remote or wireless access is usually reserved for entering through gated entrances, such as into a parking lot. Staff members are provided with a remote to open the gate for themselves and a vehicle. The drawback of this method is that remotes can be lost. Generally, this is reserved for companies that only have a small staff and do not want to invest in something a bit more secure, such as updating to a keypad entry.

Option #2: Key entry

Key entry requires that every employee has a key. The benefit is that no one can enter the building without the key, but if the key is lost you may need to rekey the entire building for security purposes. Another limitation of a key system is that the entire building is accessible unless you use different locks. This means if you need to make certain parts accessible to only certain staff, they will need multiple keys. This isn't an issue if you don't need to limit staff accessibility.

Option #3: Card entry

Card entry is a step up from key entry. Card entry systems work well with doors or gates. Each employee is assigned a card, which they swipe or scan to unlock the door. The cards can be coded uniquely to each employee, which allows you to grant entry to only specific areas of the building. This also means you can deactivate a lost card or even track card use so you know who is using which entry and when.

Option #4: Coded entry

Coded entries provide the best of all worlds. There are no keys or cards to be lost, plus the code can work on gates or doors. Codes can be programed to the specific employee, as well. Revoking a code or tracking a code can often be done via remote computer systems via modern technology. There is also less chance of user error with a code as opposed to a card, which may not always scan correctly.

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