How To Remove A Broken Key From Your Car?

11 April 2023
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Whether it's a key stuck in the ignition or one that's snapped off in the door lock, having a broken key in your car can be a huge inconvenience. Thankfully, there are several strategies a car locksmith can use to assist with broken key removal.

Here are three of the most common methods they employ.

Drilling Out the Lock Cylinder 

A lock cylinder is the physical component a key slides into, and when it's broken, car locksmiths may try to drill out the cylinder. To do this, the locksmith will insert a drill bit into the lock cylinder and then rotate it gently until enough material has been removed for them to then extract the broken key fragments.

The good news is that this method does not damage your car's ignition system. However, it does require replacing the cylinder entirely since drilling can weaken its integrity. A qualified locksmith can replace your ignition cylinder quickly, so you're back on the road again in no time.

Using Lock Decoders 

If the broken key is lodged in your car door lock, a locksmith may use a decoder. A decoder is a tool that reads the unique code which every key is created for, allowing a locksmith to make a new key without having to remove the lock.

A car locksmith carefully analyzes the lock to determine the technique to be used. They then insert a blank key into the lock, and using the lock decoder machine, they decode the lock's pin code. This pin code is then cataloged according to the lock code number, and a corresponding key is made using the code number.

Once the new key is made, the broken key can be easily removed. A professional locksmith has the necessary equipment to extract the broken key without causing damage to the lock. Using special tools, the broken key is unlocked, giving the locksmith access to its remnants.

Lastly, the locksmith carefully examines the lock to ensure it is still in good working condition. This thorough examination identifies if there are any underlying issues, such as worn-out pins or springs that need replacement. In case of wear and tear, the lock is then repaired, replaced, or rekeyed.

For car owners, the services of a car locksmith can provide a quick and efficient resolution to a broken key problem. From drilling out the lock cylinder to using decoders and special tools, locksmiths can assist in broken key removal without causing any further damage to the car. 

Make sure you're using a qualified locksmith for any broken key work so that your vehicle remains secure and in excellent condition. By following the steps outlined above, you can get your car back on track and have a working key once again. For more information, contact a locksmith near you.