Five Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Securing Your Commercial Facilities

8 December 2017
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A security breach at your facility could cost you a great deal of money and even put you out of business. It's important that you give security enough consideration so that you protect your company and all the effort and investments you have put into it. The following are five mistakes you need to avoid when securing your commercial facilities to prevent security breaches:

Overlooking security features in preference of aesthetic considerations

It's easy for business owners to focus on appealing to customers more than they focus on protecting their facilities from illicit intruders. However, business owners need to find security solutions that protect their facilities without being off-putting to your clients.

Sometimes, business owners are over sensitive about how significantly minute aesthetic details at their facilities will be perceived by customers. Customers may not even notice subtle security features like surveillance cameras and alarm systems, so don't be reluctant to take advantage of them over aesthetic considerations. 

Not placing enough lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a building

Inadequate lighting can make your facility a target for burglars. If the perimeter of your building isn't well lit, any surveillance cameras or efforts you make to patrol entrances to your facility may prove ineffective.

You should probably be lighting your facility around the clock if you're concerned about burglaries and if you want to dissuade would-be thieves from attempting a break-in. 

Never making an attempt to develop a relationship with local law enforcement personnel

As a local business owner, you rely on law enforcement personnel to control crime in your area and protect your facilities from break-ins.

It's a good idea to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves for you to communicate with law enforcement personnel and form a relationship with them so that they can recognize you and give you a heads-up on any security threats in the future. 

Failing to get all of your staff into your efforts to boost security

The most secure facilities are facilities where every single staff member is on the lookout for suspicious activity. Make sure you keep a communication channel open with your employees so that they know to notify you immediately about any security concerns that you need to be aware of.

Neglecting cybersecurity

These days, cybersecurity efforts that protect your virtually stored data are as important as security efforts that protect your physical facility.

As a small business owner, you're responsible for protecting the payment details and sensitive information of your clients. Cybersecurity measures such as antivirus and anti-hacking software are essential to protecting both your business and your customers. Contact a company like The Locksmith House for more information and assistance.