Is Your Business Running With An Old Security System? What To Know

9 October 2017
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If you have purchased a commercial property with an existing security system and you have been using it for some time, it's time to talk with a commercial locksmith about updating the security. You don't want to be a target for problems because your system is outdated, or because other people know what system you use. A locksmith is a security expert, and you want to seek out a system that includes some of these high-tech and reliable security features:

Automatic Locking Doors

Doors that can be locked and unlocked automatically are a great security feature in comparison to doors that just have deadbolt locks. Talk with the locksmith about getting these installed at the entrances of the building, and see what control features you can have. People inside should be able to prevent outsiders from coming in with the push of a button, and you may want a panic button installed somewhere in the building.

Timed Password Changes

If you can't trust the people that work for you or someone that may have accidentally gotten access to the security alarm system password, you want to get a system that changes the passcodes routinely. They may do it every week, once a month, or on the set days that you plan. You can get a system that has this type of technology and these features.

IP Cameras

Regular recording cameras and options are ideal if you want to look back to see what the employees have been doing while you aren't around, or to see what people have done in the past. Having live IP cameras that you can watch the feed from your phone or any other location is great. These cameras allow you to see what is going on when you aren't in the office, and you can see a live feed if your alarms are triggered.

Security is important not only to protect your property and the valuables related to your business but also because you want to keep everyone that is inside the building safe at all times. Talk with the professionals to see what security changes they think that you should make, and to see how you can make the property safer for everyone that that works or comes to your property. Get estimates from different contractors and then decide what system will be the best and the most affordable for your business. 

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