Commercial Door Repair: 4 Reasons Why Your Door Knob Refuses To Turn And How To Fix It

11 April 2022
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A doorknob failure can be frustrating and inconvenient. You'll try to fix it at this instance, hoping to restore it to shape. Unfortunately, this can cause more trouble, necessitating costlier commercial door repairs. As such, you should call a locksmith when you encounter this problem. There are several possible reasons why your doorknob can get stuck. Here are a few common ones. 

Using the Wrong Key

Usually, doorknobs from a given brand resemble. And even if a key can fit in the keyway, it will fail to turn the knob. When the doorknob refuses to turn, the first thing to do is look at your key ring. You may need to label them to avoid confusion in the future.

Having a Jammed Lock

A lock can get jammed due to rust or accumulated dust. One sign of a jammed lock is when the key does not reach the end when inserted. Lubricating the lock is an excellent way to ease the jammed lock. If the lubricant does not help, you should call for locksmith services to repair the lock.

Issues with Lock Alignment

If your door does not align with your door frame, the lock will not turn. A shift in the alignment might be the cause of this issue. If this is the case, you will need to have the door and the door frame realigned to allow the cylinder to turn to the door frame. If you realize your doorknob problem is alignment, first lift the door to achieve temporal alignment. However, you'll need professional locksmith services to find a permanent solution.

Undetected Damage to the Lock

When doorknob issues arise, first think of the length of time you have used the lock. Though most door locks last many years, they are subject to tear and wear, just like other fixtures. Therefore, your doorknob may not be turning due to the lock's tear and wear. Depending on the level and nature of the damage on your locks, your commercial locksmith may recommend repairs to the existing lock or installing a new one.

If your doorknob fails to turn for no apparent reason, seek professional commercial locksmith services. The locksmith will establish the cause of the problem and fix it for you. Additionally, they can advise you to purchase another lock if the current one is irreparable. But to avoid such frustrations in the future, it's best to invest in regular professional lock inspection and cleaning. 

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