4 Tips to Help With Lock Repairs After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

18 March 2020
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If your home has recently been broken into, there is probably damage where the thieves entered. Some of the locks may be damaged, and you may just be a little shaken that someone came into your home and violated your private space. Therefore, you want to improve the security of your home with better locks. The following lock repair tips will help you after your home has been broken into.

1. Repair Damaged Locks That Thieves Have Broken

The first step is to repair damaged locks. Sometimes, this may only mean the lock needs to be tightened or adjusted to ensure it will secure the door when it is locked. However, it is not enough to simply repair the lock, which is why you should have the cylinder inside the lock replaced and new keys made to ensure there are not criminals on the streets with keys to your home.

2. Replace Exterior Door Frames and Reinforce Them

Sometimes, the exterior door frames are damaged due to criminals kicking them in to get in your home. This means that the frame of the door often needs to be repaired or replaced along with the lock. When this is done, you will also want to reinforce the door frame, which can be done by putting a metal plate behind the frame that will protect the door from being kicked in again.

3. Inspect and Repair Locks That Were Not Affected During the Break-In

While you may know where criminals entered and left your home, there may still be some entrances with worn or damaged locks. Therefore, you will want to have repairs done to the locks to ensure your home is secure and that old locks do not leave another area for criminals to get into your home again.

4. Add Additional and More Modern Locks to Your Home

In addition to repairing locks and reinforcing door frames, you may also want to add new locks to your doors. Talk with the locksmith about adding modern locks that provide your door with more security and prevent criminals from getting in. You will want to add the secondary locks to all the exterior doors of your home, and you may want to add extra security to the windows on lower floors too.

These are some tips that will help you with the lock repairs that need to be done after your home has been broken into. If your home has had damage due to a break-in, contact a lock repair service like All American Locksmith for help with repairs, improvements, and additional locks to give you a sense of security.