Tips For Moving A Heavy Gun Safe To Your New Home

27 April 2019
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When you bought your gun safe, you probably bought the heaviest and sturdiest safe you could afford to protect your guns. That gives you peace of mind your guns are safe, but a heavy safe can present problems when you have to move it. You need to use a safe moving service rather than a typical mover unless the mover has experience with gun safes because the safes can be difficult to handle due to their weight and the way the weight is distributed. Here are some things to know about moving your heavy safe.

Learn About The Requirements

You'll want to call for a quote for the job, and at that time, you can learn about the process of moving. You may be required to remove the guns and ammo from the safe before it is moved. Some movers might allow you to leave the guns in as long as you take out the ammo. If the guns are allowed on the moving truck, you might need to provide proof of proper registration. You may prefer to pack and move your guns and other valuables from the safe yourself just to keep them secure and undamaged until they can be placed in the safe at its new location.

Get The Dimensions Of The New Location

Unless you've done renovation work on your home, you can probably get the safe out of your house since it got inside it. However, getting the safe in your new home and to the location you want could be difficult. You'll need measurements of the doorways to make sure the safe will fit. The movers also have to evaluate the floor to make sure it's sturdy, and steps are an important consideration too. A step-climbing dolly may be necessary and the weight might be too much for old stairs, so evaluating your new home carefully is important unless you're just going to move the safe into your garage.

Plan The Move

Moving a heavy gun safe takes advance preparation so nothing goes wrong. You should use a mover with experience in handling heavy items so your safe isn't damaged during the process. You may be tempted to move the safe yourself, but it could be dangerous if a top-heavy safe gets out of control. Plus, if you use a mover, you may be able to buy insurance to cover any damage that happens during the move. Plan a route that's stable enough to support the weight of the safe, crew, and equipment and clear everything out of the way. You may even want to have the safe moved first so there is plenty of room to maneuver it in your new home. One advantage of hiring a safe moving company is they can help you get the safe set up and secured once it's in the new location.

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