Maintaining Or Replacing A Commercial Door On Your Business

6 November 2018
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Commercial doors often see more use than the door going into your home and the wear and tear on the hardware can be significantly higher. Businesses that deal with the public will always have more traffic through the doors, but an industrial business may experience more door damage from impacts or direct damage to the door itself. In either case, maintaining the doors is important and knowing when to call a door company is crucial to keeping things working correctly. 

Doors That Are Stuck

Sometimes your doors will move in the frame or have expended a bit with weather changes. When that happens, the door might stick in the frame and become very hard to open. If the door is hitting the frame or dragging somewhere, it will most likely have a wear spot or mark that you will be able to see. Sometimes all you have to do is adjust the door a little to fix it, other times it may require trimming the door or checking and resetting the alignment of the door in the frame. Anything more than a minor adjustment probably needs a door technician to come and fix it. 

Replace Damaged Doors

If the door is damaged in a way that requires it to be replaced, you will need to get a door company to come and look at the door. Getting the right door to replace the damaged one is critical. If the door is not right, it might not fit the frame or may not work at all. When you are dealing with glass doors like on a retail space, getting the right door is sometimes harder because there are so many different doors types of glass doors available. 

Broken Glass

Sometimes the entire door does not have to be replaced. In the case of a glass door with an aluminum frame, the door company may be able to replace the glass and use the existing framework. From a cost perspective, this is the best option, but the frame will need to be inspected first to ensure that it is straight and the new glass will go into the frame properly. If the door was involved in an impact, the structure could be bent or twisted, and there would not be much point to putting a new piece of glass in it. If the frame is bent, trying to seat new glass, it in could result in the glass breaking again. 

Door Closers and Automatic Doors

Often an automatic door will malfunction over time. The motor that drives the door may stop working, or the closure itself may be damaged. The adjustments on these doors are crucial, and if it is off the smallest amount, the door may not open or close properly. If you have a problem with an automatic door, it is best to call a commercial door repair shop to adjust it properly for you.