Securing Your Sliding Glass Door

29 April 2018
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A patio adds value to your home and makes outdoor living space more accessible. Patio doors serve as important entry points for homeowners, but these sliding glass patio doors can be a real weakness in your home's security system.

Burglars can easily pry open most sliding glass doors, even if the manufacturer's provided locking mechanism is engaged. Your local locksmith will be able to help you assess your security needs and find the lock that will keep your sliding glass door secure in the future.

Identify what type of sliding glass door you have.

Before you can determine which aftermarket lock will provide you with maximum protection, you need to identify the type of sliding glass door that is installed between your home and your patio.

If you have a door where only one of the glass sections can be opened, then a reinforced door lock will be sufficient. If both of your glass sections can be opened, then you will need a more advanced locking mechanism to ensure that both sides of the door remain locked simultaneously.

Check the width of your sliding door's track.

If you look near the bottom of your sliding glass door, you will see a track in which the moving panes of glass can slide. The width of these tracks can limit your options when it comes to adding an aftermarket lock to your sliding glass door.

Use a tape measure to determine the width of the channel opening, then provide your locksmith with this information. An experienced locksmith will know which locking mechanisms will fit into your door's track to help ensure that your home remains as secure as possible.

Make sure channel grooves are not damaged.

The channel in which your sliding door moves plays a critical role in the security of the door. Bent sections of track channel can make it easier for a burglar to lift your sliding door from its hung position, regardless of the type of lock you have installed.

Your locksmith will be able to conduct a thorough inspection of the metal channel grooves and spot damage that could compromise your home security. Invest in replacement channel grooves as needed to protect your sliding door against unwanted entry.

Keeping your sliding door secure can be challenging. Work with a locksmith to identify and install the aftermarket locking mechanism that will keep your sliding door firmly in place.