Tips For Protecting The Cash You Keep In Your Place Of Business

3 March 2018
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If your business is like many, you might have to keep cash on the premises. For example, in a convenience store, retail store or restaurant, you have to have the cash for things like providing change for your customers. Plus, you might not be able to go to the bank right away to deposit the money that customers pay you with. Theft of this cash might be something that you are worried about, but following these tips can help you protect it.

Have a Chain of Command

First of all, you should have a chain of command in place. For example, if employees count down their cash and then the store manager counts it, you should keep track of this. Then, if some of the cash does end up missing, you will know who to talk to first about the situation.

Ensure the Door is Secure

Make sure that the main door to your business is secure. For example, you may want to lock the door when you are counting out large sums of money to help keep you and your cash safe. Investing in a door lock that you can activate from behind the register can be a good investment and is something that a commercial locksmith should be able to help you with.

Put a Lock on Your Office Door

If you don't have a lock on your office door, now is the time to talk to a commercial lock repair professional about installing one. Putting a lock on your office door can help you keep your cash safe when it's in the office, and it should be an easy and affordable installation.

Ensure You Buy the Right Safe

Putting your cash in a safe is a good idea. Making sure that you buy a safe that is secure and that cannot be easily broken into is a smart move. Also, consider buying a safe that has a slot for cash deposits from your employees but that cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

Have Surveillance Cameras in Place

Having surveillance cameras in various areas of the building, particularly near where cash is handled or stored, can help you deter theft.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you can follow if you would like to protect the cash that is kept in your place of business. Then, you can help prevent the many problems that can go along with cash theft.