How To Have A Safe Opened That You Won At An Auction

2 March 2017
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Buying a closed safe at an auction can be a lot of fun. There are many treasures stored in safes, and not knowing what is in the safe can make your head spin with excitement. When you purchase a safe at an auction, you may have to hire a locksmith to get you into the safe if it does not come with a key or a combination. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about getting a safe open after you win it at an auction.

The Safe Will Need to Be at a Secure Location

Before the locksmith will be able to open the safe, it will need to be located in a secure location. The locksmith needs to use many different tools to open different types of safes and some of them can be a bit dangerous. You also want to be sure that the safe is located in a secure location in case there are a lot of jewels or money in there. You do not want everyone to know that you are in possession of these items because it could make things more risky for you when you leave. Have the safe transported to your home and then contact the locksmith to have them come and open it for you.

The Locksmith Will Need to See Your Bill of Sale

Before the locksmith can open the safe, he or she will need to see proof that you own it. This is to ensure that he or she does not open someone else's safe and give you the contents because that would be illegal. Simply showing the bill of sale from the auction should serve as sufficient proof that you own the safe.

The Safe May Not Be Usable After the Locksmith Is Finished

There are many safes that will be damaged forever if a locksmith has to break his or her way into it. That means that you will never be able to lock the safe again after they are done. If you really want to see what is inside of it, you have to be okay with not being able to use it again after everything is said and done.

The locksmith will simply get the door open for you. He or she will not go through the contents with you. You will be responsible for anything that is found in the safe.

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