3 Times To Think About New Door Locks

1 March 2017
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The locks on your exterior doors likely escape notice as you live life. However, there are specific instances when it's worth thinking about using a local locksmith from a place like First Quality Lock & Key for all-new locks. The following situations might warrant a change.

Recent Move-in

After living in a place for a few weeks, it's easy to get used to the new home and to feel comfortable inside. However, when you start to think about all the people who could have keys to the exterior doors, you may feel uneasy. The realtor who secured you the place might have given you their keys, but other local realtors could have had keys at one time or another in the past. The previous owner or owners may have given your new neighbors keys for safe-keeping or looking in during family vacations. Keys could have been made and given to friends, relatives, romantic partners or co-workers. Dozens of strangers could have the means to walk into your living room right now without any obstacle.

To feel confident that you and your family are the only key-holders, ask a locksmith in town to install new exterior door locks.

Romantic Splits

Your most recent romantic relationship might not have worked out, and if they were living with you, it's likely that they're in possession of keys and won't give them to you. They might have made themselves copies. While this may not have concerned you in the past, the breakup might have been so devastating you might start to wonder if you're safe. For that reason, have a locksmith re-key or completely replace the exterior door locks so you can be sure your ex is unable to let themselves in at any time.

Costly Purchases

If you are the owner of a number of expensive belongings, you're probably already taking measures to secure them. For example, you may own a small personal safe. However, if you aren't paying the same attention to the doors of your house, it could be easy for intruders to get inside--even if they can't necessarily breach the safe. For that reason, the next time you get something costly, you might take steps to add a second lock or a stronger lock, such as a deadbolt, on the exterior doors.

Attention to exterior door locks can lead to a greater ability to deter unwanted visitors from your house. Having a professional local locksmith walk through your home to provide suggestions about better security can give you and your family the confidence that your home is going to remain safe.