How To Remove A Broken Key From Your Car?

11 April 2023
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Whether it's a key stuck in the ignition or one that's snapped off in the door lock, having a broken key in your car can be a huge inconvenience. Thankfully, there are several strategies a car locksmith can use to assist with broken key removal. Here are three of the most common methods they employ. Drilling Out the Lock Cylinder  A lock cylinder is the physical component a key slides into, and when it's broken, car locksmiths may try to drill out the cylinder. Read More 

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Biometric Gun Safe?

16 January 2023
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While some gun safes use keys or codes to open, biometric safes use you. They use biometric technologies that allow you to use fingerprints, facial scans, or retinal images to open them up. Why should you consider buying a biometric gun safe? Get Faster Access to Your Guns If someone breaks into your home, then you want to access a weapon fast. You want to protect yourself and your family as soon as you can. Read More